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Mission Statement

The mission of Total Health Herbal Products is to access the profoundly transformational potential of an awakened healthy body. 

Do Americans have huge unresolved health problems?

The answer to that question is YES. 

More than 95% of all health challenges have their root in two very important oversights.  The first oversight is lack of proper colon cleansing for removing old impacted intestinal waste.  The second oversight is the body not being supplied with enough vital nutrients for the cells of the body to experience ultimate body rejuvenation.

Many health challenges are now in epidemic proportion.

"In the U.S. economically, in 2007,  we spent more than  $2 trillion on sickness and health care, in fact 900,000 people died from avoidable causes; because they failed to maintain a healthy weight,  eat nutritiously and exercise, or because they smoked or drank excessively, for example.  Overall, caring for people with chronic medical conditions, many of them preventable, account for about 75% of medical spending nationwide."  (U.S. News and World Report)

Over 61% of Americans are overweight and unhealthy.  27% of our population is clinically obese.
There are 107 million individuals that are severely malnourished and nutritionally deficient.

There has been an 80% rise in health care insurance cost since the year 2000. 

What’s to be done about the major health issues such as Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Diabetes, Breast and Uterus Cancers in the women, Prostate Cancer in the men and chronic unresolved Stress, creating untold mental and emotional disorders?

Is there a solution?

Today, more than ever people need a better way to take care of their body’s health.

Total Health Herbal Products are advocating today that we take a preventative health care approach.

If we act rather than react, we can be better as a nation and as individuals.

Where do you begin?

True health is only found  in the healthy internal environment of the human body.

The first step to vibrant abundant health is and always will be to perform total body detoxification three to four times yearly with a natural herbal bowel or colon cleansing formulation and other  body cleansing support supplements.

Total Health Herbal Products has one of the best colon cleansing formulation on the market, Super Cleanse II Body Cleanser.  Cleansing the colon is the foundation to rebuilding all the internal body organs and to help keep all the body systems in optimum health. 

Total Health Herbal Products herbal formulas are in mild tasting organic powders that can be mixed in a blender with water and diluted Apple, Grape or Pineapple Juice. 

These herbal formulations are organic, free from preservatives, chemicals or any other artificial additives. 
None of the herbs have been irradiated.   

Now is the time to act.  Your body deserve it.  What do you want to do?

Relieve constipation and sluggish bowels?

In order to correct, rebuild, repair, rejuvenate, or balance anything in the body effectively you must first remove the years of toxic waste from your small and large intestines and the other eliminative organs channels.  For a healthy body deep internal cleansing is a must.

Super Cleanse II Body Cleanser is like nothing you have ever used before.
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Lose stubborn weight?

Through diet modifications to more fresh fruits and vegetables, detoxification and colon cleansing you may release 10-50 lbs of old clogged acidic waste that is stored in the intestines.  This cleansing sets the stage for the body to release other toxins and excess body fat through a total body detox.
Super Cleanse II Body Cleanser is the top of the line for flushing waste from your body.

Reverse destructive aging effectively?

Create vibrant health naturally?  Boost your immune system?

The cells of your body need two things.  Removal of  toxic waste and adequate celullar nutrients for rebuilding.   These two simple concept are the keys for  health and wellness for your body.  When you  choose the best foods or dietary supplements you are able to halt and sometime even turn around damage to all of your body cells.  Supply your body what the body is made of and it will serve you well.

Living Food Herbal Drink Mix made into a delicious smoothie provides your body with all known vitamins and minerals known  and to provide you and abundance of anti-aging nutritional benefits.
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Be Healthier, Feel Better and Look Younger?

Boost your Immune System?  Fortify against allergies and infections?

C-Plus Herbal Tonic can be used for boosting the immune system, disease prevention and strengthening your body against free radical damage to your cells.
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Release your brain potential power?

Oxygenate brain tissue? Improve your memory?

Brain Food Herbal Formula may be used to maximize and revitalize the brain’s many functional processes.  The human brain performs as the master computer of the body storing, saving, interpreting and sending messages throughout the body.
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Disclaimer Statement

Any products, procedures, techniques or any written information from Total Health Herbal Products are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician. 
All previous health conditions should be supervised by your medical professional

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or comments

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